• Products

    Ranging from independent concepts to customer-specific solutions

  • All of our products are developed in-house, whether it's a product in our own portfolio or a tailor-made solution for a customer. We strive for quality, and guard that every solution is cost-effective and enables substantial cost-savings for the end-user. Every product is the result of a design process in which all requirements are carefully traded against each other and translated into a manufacturable product.


    To achieve this, SeaState5 combines different domains, such as electrical, mechanical, naval and structural expertise. We work out the main components early in the development process, to get a clear view on the main cost drivers at a stage where it is still possible to make major design changes that significantly reduce the costs and improve the technical specifications.


    The fabrication of our products is done in cooperation with a fit-for-purpose fabrication yard (in the case of the Grasshopper and Woodpecker), or in-house if it fits in our own workshop (in the case of the MobileBuoy). Contact us for more information.

  • Grasshopper

    A jack-up add-on for lifting and upending XL monopiles

    The Grasshopper is a patented method and system used for lifting and upending monopiles. Our design philosophy has led to a light-weight lifting system that allows the use of a normal bearing compared to a slewing bearing used in cranes. Forces exerted onto the ship are directed more efficiently in the ship structure and the integration with the jack-up requires minimal vessel modifications. Our team combined structural, naval and mechanical expertise to achieve the lowest possible self-weight to lifting capacity ratio. Download the product folder for more information.

  • Woodpecker

    A large range Noise Mitigation System based on sound absorbing resonators

    The Woodpecker is a new Noise Mitigation System, based on resonators. Its low frequency behaviour and high damping characteristics make it an adequate solution for mitigating noise from impact piling of offshore foundations. It can be used standalone, or in cooperation with other noise mitigation systems due to its variable curtain diameter. Our team focuses on the carrier system that holds the resonator elements in place and its deployment method. The resonator elements are developed in cooperation with a partner. Download the product folder for more information.

  • MobileBuoy

    A self-propelled and self-anchoring buoy that can relocate itself

    The MobileBuoy is an intelligent buoy with a large battery pack and a propellor. It can be positioned with GPS setpoints or by remote control. The buoy has an integrated winch and anchor, which can be self-deployed at the desired location. It can be equipped with a wide range of sensor payloads to measure a.o. underwater noise, current velocity, turbidity and wave motions. Our team integrated its naval and electrical expertise to achieve a buoy with long endurance, capable for high seastates.

  • Your project

    Whether you're an EPCI contractor, an offshore service provider or a survey company, we can help you with tailor-made equipment that helps you save money, save time or make your operations safer and more convenient for your crew. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.